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Homeless Man Pushing a Cart

Here Is What You Can Do To Help The Homeless Community

March 4, 2020

The homeless epidemic in the United States is becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid. As the homeless population continues to grow, solutions seem to be harder and harder to come by. We’ve written in previous blogs about a few potential solutions to the homelessness issue, all of which involve organized, regulated efforts from a complex network of people.

But what can you, as an individual, do to make a positive impact on the homeless community? Here are a few things you personally can do to help your homeless community.

A man handing money to a homeless individual

Donate, Donate, Donate

Homeless shelters are almost always in need of donations. Be it clothing, toiletry products, or even food, donating to shelters is a way to make a direct impact on the day to day lives of the homeless community.

Here’s a blog we wrote previously full of items that were needed at LifeBridge, and while situations fluctuate, it remains a quality roster of items to consider for donations. It includes items like underwear, razor blades, and shampoo.

Volunteer Your Time

While donating clothes, items, or money may not always be possible for some people, most of us can at least volunteer
some of our time. Shelters can almost always use an extra pair of hands around for the variety of services they offer, and there typically isn’t much training needed to handle the tasks.

Check out this link for information on offering support and volunteering your time at Lifebridge Northshore.

Lifebridge Team

Acknowledge and Monitor

Particularly during the colder months in the winter time, it becomes so important to check on those who are forced to spend their days without shelter. Acknowledging and engaging with these individuals is one way to keep their spirits up and their minds sharp, but it’s also a way to ensure they’re in good health and don’t require assistance.

In addition to the mental and physical health benefits of occasionally checking up on the less fortunate, it’s also simply the right thing to do.

The issue of homelessness in America can occasionally feel too big to tackle. But as with the most impactful social movements in the world, change starts at the individual level. Be the change you wish to see in the world. The results will follow.